Architects & Project Managers

When presenting schemes to clients, you can offer a detailed price for the works, independently prepared by Estimators Online Limited.

You will find our costs are surprisingly affordable, and can be easily absorbed into your fees. Prices start from £144.00 + VAT Pricelist

Launched in November 2000, we created the industry's benchmark database of labour and materials. Today our data is updated daily by our 48,000+ trade users.

Using our service will provide your clients with a benchmark price that will greatly assist them when comparing builder quotes.

How to use the service

Receive the same service as our 48,000 trade-users. A detailed labour and materials estimate, based on your drawings, for any domestic extension, conversion, refurbishment or new-build dwelling.

To use the service, please provide;

  • Existing and proposed floor plans
  • Existing and proposed elevation drawings
  • Any other project information

We accept drawings as Adobe pdf files. All drawings should be to a recognised metric scale: for example, 1:50 or 1:100.
Note: Adobe pdf files must be created in the size intended for printing.